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at this hour. >> developing story in petaluma crews will begin sell the urging the tugboat this morning that lead to hundreds of gallons of oil in the river. you can see the boom firefighters laid out. fishing game says a leaked 200- 600 gal. of engine oil. it does not appear the oil is threatening any oiwildlife. authorities will be investigating the cause of this bill today. let's go to live to petaluma and a lot as we are waiting for work to get under way. >> pg&e getting complaints about its mark meters mercury newspaper is saying that it's having problems with the electronic gadgets in the home. according to the newspaper people reported static with cloris phone and crib monitors other complaints pg&e has not responded to the broth. >> dozens of people are getting kicked out of elementary school now two weeks after the first- year class. as many as 40 children at the bottom schools were told friday they have to go to different schools. district officials said they were betting some of the emerald students would not show up for school. the over but the schools that was to ensure the
is going with oh gasia, we are right next to the petaluma river and i saw a little bit of a sheen going across the top of the river and over there by the bridge on washington street you can see that way boom they put up there and officials tell us that anywhere from 200 up to 600 gallons of oil they believed was spilled into the petaluma river they put up this containment boom to keep it from spreading into new areas while they try and clean up this mess. a official say this is what caused the oil spill, a 90-ton tugboat sticking out of the petaluma river making gallons of oil from its hole and they discovered that spill after getting a call at 8:18 this morning's. >> we noticed a large dark substance this morning. >> reporter: eye this afternoon to sheen had sped along a two and a half mile stretch of the river and they put down booms and put pads into the water to soak up the mess. the california department of fish and game says the river does have endangered wildlife such as salmon and frog's. >> we have identified three areas of large to normal concern that being adobe creek in the
story of petaluma. crews are working to soak up the last few gallons of oil into the petaluma marina. about 0 p.m.- noon, a depressan12:00 p.m., tho soaked up, and experts were observing that a tug boats was being a selvage when this leak occurred. and alexia with the department of fish and game is on the phone with us. exactly but can you tell us? can you tell us what happened? >> actually, the investigation is still on going with what happened. this tug boat was being dismantled, recycled, and a leak happened and why? still ongoing. >> and 80% retained how much from the beginning? >> the work crews are estimating 200-600 gal. and the only exact quantification could only happen at the end km >> is there a way of life threat? >> in the oil poses a hazard to of live especially birds. a little bit of the oil could compromise the others. and then they could undergo hypothermia to harsh conditions on their feather. >> and where is this blocked off? >> the north, the south, and crews are asked to not use any water craft. >> and any charges or fines be brought up because of this? >> if you
with developing news. a tug boat leaked oil and fuel into the petaluma river. some things are still in question, including how much oil spilled. >> reporter: just a short time ago we spoke to people from the department of fish and game. we're over here by the petaluma bridge, just a short time ago we could see smart plumes of oil. we are upstream from where that leak occurred. but the tide pushed it inland. the fire batallion chief does say that they are worried about environmental impact. officials say that the sheen right now is estimated to have spread across about a 2-mile area. we could see the gear oil floating on the surface up and down the river. for about nine hours, the fire department has been placing booms frying booms -- trying to keep it from spreading. >> the area where the leak started from, boomed off, we're also currently working the spill into the basin which is the area of the downtown area of petaluma. >> right now a clean up crew has been called in to try to get the oil out. the department of fish and game is investigating whether the alameda based company called trc whic
. >> there is an oily sheen on the petaluma river caused by spill this morning. old barge appears to be the culprit. the incident near hopper street us a can see here on the map as we zoom in to it for you. allen is live in petaluma tonight with more on salvage operation. really gone wrong. >> yes dan. out here at the marina some kayaker were complaining that they had to dodge huge tar ball earlier this morning but tonight most of that slick has either dissipated or evaporated. glob of oil floated out toward the bay at low tide around six this evening. the remnant of what petaluma resident say was large oil slick that stretched from shore to shore as it moved through this slew. 8:00 o'clock this morning the department of fish and game says this old tug boat being chopped up for scrap metal and leaked between 200 and 600 gallon of oil. the owner of the tug apparently knew it was leaking because he already had an oil boom around it. but the department of fish and game says this morning flood tide swept the oil out into the estuary creating oil slick 2 and a half miles long. resident say these
on the petaluma river. >>> good morning. it's tuesday, september 7. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. let's get you out the door and take a quick look at traffic and weather before you head out on the roads after a long holiday weekend. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning. san rafael, they just opened a couple of minutes ago all lanes of southbound 101 approaching sir frances drake boulevard. fire crews have been out there since 4:00 a.m. working a small brush fire but right now the fire is contained. all lanes are open. a fire truck was blocking the right lane for the last hour or so. small delays out of san rafael. the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic light this morning heading into san francisco for your back to work and school commute. that's your traffic. let's get another update on your forecast with lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. big changes around the bay area today. of course we have plenty of that summer sunshine yesterday, high pressure overhead. but now a trough of low pressure diving into the bay area. this is going to mean some major cooling all
, jade hernand, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. >>> crews are back at petaluma river cleaning um an oil leak. the oil has spread across the two-mile stretch of the river between downtown petaluma and highway 101. the leak was first noticed yesterday morning. the source is this old tugboat that's being torn apart as scrap metal. so far 600 gallons of oil have made it in the river. there's no reports of harm. but it's still unclear how long the cleanup will take. >>> the future of three schools, kennedy, olinda, and grant school, are on the chopping -- are in question tonight. the city of richmond came up with $1.5 million to keep the schools open through this school year. tonight richmond city council will be voting on whether or not to continue funding the schools. >>> a martinez high school student was injured this morning by another student who had a knife on campus. it all started just before 8:00 a.m. at hogan high school on rosewood avenue in martinez. school district officials say the 17-year-old was involved in some sort of altercation with another student who pulled a kni
the oil spill that left a 2 mi. long sheen on the petaluma river yesterday is still under investigation. the state fishing company is looking at companies dismantling old tugboat the tron figure out if it was thought to carry crews are still on the scene of this bill kron 4 moreen tally shows you what's been done. >> >> what you're looking at is part of the metal on this old have been stiffed away by this giant piece of heavy equipment. the soil cleanup crew is doing this so they can get in and washed away more of the old oil that is left on his boat. these workers have been using steam to loosen up the drive on all oil and these hoses you see here, are basically a giant vacuum. sucking up oil and water into this big tanker trucks are to be hauled away. the trying to get this tug cleaned of as much oil as possible by high tide some more oil doesn't wash off the boat and into the water water right over here if you can see one of the many wounds that have been put out to hold the oil back. these weapons you see floating in the water our big squares of absorbent material meant to set up oi
threatening. police have not arrested anyone. >>> petaluma police are looking for the people that shot a man in the chest last night. it happened on a street in the petaluma knew municipal airport. witnesses at the scene say they saw several suspects running away. police searched the area using dogs but were unable to find them. >>> san jose police say the city is putting residents in danger by eliminating the department's gang and violent crime unit. they held a news conference near the spot where two young trick or treaters were attacked by gang members last year. they say cutting the unit will leave people vulnerable and afraid in their own neighborhoods. >> these impacts should not be tolerated and our residence deserve a police response that attacks this playing on our community. >> the poa took out a full-page ad blasting the decision. the mayor and some members of the city council supported the elimination of the unit because of the budget problems. >>> fremont's closed nummi auto plant is about to begin its rebirth. tesla takes over the plant october 1st. 40 tesla employees are worki
. >>> petaluma police are looking for a driver who hit a pet in a crosswalk and then took off. cindy white suffered moderate injuries in the accident. it happened at d street and petaluma boulevard south. witnesses identified the hit and run driver's vehicle. it's white with a two-toned burgundy stripe. >>> alameda prosecutors filed new charges that injured a police officer lat month in a shooting. police say officer todd young was serving the search warrant when he was shot by andrew barrientos. investigators say that the other suspect, sierra, picked up barrientos after the shooting and agreed to help him. police relatived him in a car driven by silva. barrientos and silva are due in court on wednesday. >>> in a letter to thomas rig, superior court, the family said they don't want the trial moved. >>> just four days after a dead whale was found stuck on the bow of a container ship entering the bay, another dead whale has washed up to a bay area beach. authorities are trying to figure out what to do with the carcass. david stevenson is near ocean beach with this story. >> reporter: even a
accident in petaluma. southbound 101 approaching petaluma boulevard south three to four-car crash it is off to the shoulder. no big delays according to the our sensors. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. boy, it is going to heat up today quite a bit. here's a look at our sunrise. not here just yet. but looks good, doesn't it? 6:39 sunrise. this is our camera from mount vaca. forecast for today, clear skies for the morning. and that's going to lead us to warmer temperatures today. mid-80s in san francisco. that's close to 15 degrees above average. 91 in palo alto. 93 in san jose. 88 degrees in oakland. and 98 in antioch. 99 in pleasanton. and the mid-90s in sonoma and santa rosa. we're warming up today and we'll continue to be quite warm, hot across the bay area as we move into tomorrow. thursday up to 102 degrees. mid-80s around the bay. mid-70s for the coastline. our labor day weekend the hot temperatures will not stick around. it will cool down. and it will be more mild, more pleasant moving into a nice three-day holiday weekend. that's a loo
the petaluma river. along with a slight sheen. this is a slew that connects to the petaluma river. around the bend there is a tug boat being salvaged. they're using a vacuum truck to suck oil from the spill. and department of fish and game says it leaked about 200 to 600 gallons of oil. the owner apparently knew it was leaking and had an oil boom around but the department of fish and game says the stood tide drew oil out into these wetland as long the petaluma river causing an oil slick stretching about two and a half miles. to downtown petta loouk luma. there is a series of four booms placed in front of the creek protecting these wetlands. a biologist has been trying to assess the environmental damage. we hope to have his report for you tonight at 11:00. reporting live in petaluma abc 7 news. >> alan, thank you very much. police investigating a fatal shooting at the w hotel in newark happening during a private pro football season kickoff party at the pool. police say the victim, a 26-year-old was in an overflow party in a hotel parking lot. police arriving at the scene reported hearing s
, expecting more sunshine and temperatures today in the mid- 70s from petaluma, sonoma and napa. seven-day forecast, here we go. tomorrow more clouds expected. chance of showers in the forecast sunday. i know allen has a baseball game he is going to. he already hit me up for the forecast. small chance of showers. monday and tuesday, improving conditions. and then wednesday and thursday, a mix of sun and clouds. speaking of a chance of showers, "hawaii five-o" will premier monday at 10:00 and there is a chance of showers in hawaii, conditions will be in the mid-70s as far as your temperatures. i thought in order to really cover this story, we should be in hawaii. but that didn't go through. ♪ [ music ] >> you put a purchase order in for that? >> still waiting to hear back. >> you still gave us the forecast. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> showers. >> showers. >> no rain delay for the ballgame. >> no. >> all right. good. >>> all right. today on cbs, the world stops turning. ♪ "as the world turns" ♪ >> after 54 years on daytime tv, the final episode of "as the world turns" airs this after
boat. petaluma fire officials say they discovered the boat after getting a call this morning. >> we noticed a large substance about 200 yards by 20 feet wide. >>> by afternoon, the sheen stretched in 2/3 of the river. the california department of fish and game says the river does have sensitive endangered wildlife such as salmon and red frogs. >> we have identified three areas of concern. adobe creek, ellis creek and the ellis creek treatment plan. >> reporter: near the spill site, they discovered a -- >> i had no indicate that the fire department was ever informed of this investigation. >> reporter: fire officials did warn holiday voters today at the petaluma marina and dock. >> there's a lot of fishing going on, i won't eat the fish or go in the water. the tide goes in and out every part of the day, what will continue is to go upstream and town stream like a washing machine. >> reporter: they will be monitoring overnight and plan to continue their clean up efforts tomorrow. reporting from petaluma,jana k atsuyama. >>> volunteers will return to a site tomorrow. police think he coul
are trying to determine just how much oil spilled into the petaluma river from a scrap yard tugboat. >> and you're looking live at san francisco. notice not many clouds but it is the breeze, the cool breeze that will drop temperatures 15 to 20 degrees today. tomorrow a little drizzle. >> a live shot of the bay bridge. i'll have your back-to-work tuesday commute as well as road work coming up. >> if someone tries to hand you $100 at the coliseum bart station, take it. several riders will make cash from a bart protest today. >> i think that's good advice. thank you very much. >> there the next half hour? >> you're gonna try, right. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, the school year is just getting started and already one bay area district is talking closures. tonight the face of three richmond schools will be decided oddly enough by the city council. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live at kennedy high school which is on the chopping block. >> tonight is the night we find if the city council is going to step up with extra money and keep kennedy high school from closi
bridge this morning. >> 619 petaluma careers are going to begin sell the image and a tugboat that has released hundreds of gallons of oil in the petaluma river. the boat leak anywhere from 200-600 gal. of in june while. it doesn't appear to be threatening wildlife right now. it spread from about 2 mi. from downtown palo mud to highway 1 01 they're trying to investigate the cause of this bill today and decide whether charges are warranted. >> they're trying to figure the shot and killed a man. they found the body last night on gateway boulevard there are at the hotel sunday night to break up a pool party well there at the scene they heard gunshots but couldn't find business. they believe the victim may have been shot at the party police say there are 3-400 people at the hotel pool party they are trying to determine if the hotel had proper permits. >> thursday's plane crashes killed three people we are now being told its third victim has been identified 73 year-old william he was the actual pilot of the plane went down after takeoff 92 year-old robert bormann the owner borman steal also
closed part of the petaluma river to fishing. >> there's no fishing from the shore or from a boat in the area designated from pay run street bridge to the highway 101 over crossing. >> reporter: yesterday's 2.5- mile oil sheen has cleared up. but what isn't clear is how this happened in the first place. today we investigated the alameda salvage company. we talked with petaluma fire chief who says atop's owner mr. kim sue said he brought the boat here thursday to salvage for scrap metal. >> it would have been required on approval to have a permit and would have been required to have a city business license. >> reporter: the fire chief tells us there's no record of atop applying for a permit or license and no way fire officials would have issued a permit for this operation. >> we would have paper work on file with an approval and the operator would have a copy of that approval as well. >> at this point there's no record of that? >> there's no record, no. >> reporter: we went to atop listed address, but when we arrived we found this. an apartment building, with a room number instead
part of the petaluma river to fishing. >> there's no fishing from the shore or from a boat in the area designated from pay run street bridge to the highway 101 over crossing. >> reporter: yesterday's 2.5- mile oil sheen has cleared up. but what isn't clear is how this happened in the first place. today we investigated the alameda salvage company. we talked with petaluma fire chief who says atop's owner mr. kim sue said he brought the boat here thursday to salvage for scrap metal. >> it would have been required on approval to have a permit and would have been required to have a city business license. >> reporter: the fire chief tells us there's no record of atop applying for a permit or license and no way fire officials would have issued a permit for this operation. >> we would have paper work on file with an approval and the operator would have a copy of that approval as well. >> at this point there's no record of that? >> there's no record, no. >> reporter: we went to atop listed address, but when we arrived we found this. an apartment building, with a room number instead of a busines
says kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m.. the oil spill that left a 2 mi. long sheen on the petaluma river yesterday is still under investigation the state fish and game department looking to what are not the company was dismantling the old tugboat is at fault. they could face fines or even criminal charges. you know crews are still on the scene of this bill. marin kelly shows as what's being done to clean up a hundred of a balanced bill. >> crews are trying get as much oil off this old tugboat as they can. when i zoom in you can see this team that's coming up the steam cleaners freezing to loosen up try to boil for the body of the ship. they're using these hose to suck it up into a tanker truck that's right over here. it's basically a giant vacuum cleaner that holloway of the pollutants. the trend of the tug as clean as possible before gets lifted of the water tomorrow. right over here you can see a bone that's meant to keep the oil from getting into the rest of the river and its white things you see floating, where big squares of absorbent material which i assume then you could see some
the petaluma and marina. the fire department along with fish and game responded by turning boone's as his father and hides into the water, investigators say the smoke came from there is being dismantled for salvage officials say it's unclear how much is both the sheen to stretch for least 2 mi. manner of kron4 is easy to resume the man about opposition to do so. >> was a tug there was a negative view shared. the tugboat and barge company dodgers far from here their basic science and practice spokesperson for the doorman said that part of their investigation is finding so did the company owned the tugboat has a permit to dismantle here next to the river. over the phone and ask representative of the company that owns the tugboat the same question. >> to give a permit to do this work? >> i can i give you any information. >> it isn't possible fines for a while clean-up operation there could be criminal charges if the investigation reveals that they did not go to the proper channels before starting to cell was operation. in any case this whole setup is highly unusual. it is not in all this don
the petaluma river. highway 1 is there one crosses the river. right there, 80 percent has been soaked up so far. >> and take a look not a sight you see every day or anywhere else for that matter. spider dan, continues to climb this skyscraper, the fire department have a rescue team has been called in. just as a precaution. this millennium tower is over 54th tall and the is too high to reach but he will press them once he gets to the top. spider dan is from lake tahoe and declined a handful in the past and even released a memoir earlier this year. >> a live look aside from the golden gate bridge. plenty of sunshine right now and temperatures are nice, mild close to the coast. warm to the rest of the bay area it is been a warm labor day out there today. temperatures in the north bay are in the low 90s, and even in the south bay. starting to cool close to the coast with 77 in san francisco, 62 degrees and half moon bay in this cooling will be continuing and dramatic. this searching fog up the san mateo coast tonight and into the bay shore for tomorrow. fog early along the coast and windy, and much
in japan. >> and remember the toddler found alone late at night on a street in petaluma? all charges have been dropped against her mother. >>> and turn out the lights. the party's over for ike's sandwich shop in san francisco. ,, this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks li bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪ activia is better than ever! h
think of the vietnam war you might not think of petaluma but a new exhibit in the heart of the town helps unite the veterans and citizens of the war for the first time. photojournalist jerry watson brings us the story. ♪ when duty called... ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a collection of familiar images, mundane artifacts and a travel poster full of irony from the vietnam war era. they are part of an exhibit at the petaluma museum assembled by those who experienced the war firsthand. >> i like to think this display is not just about me but all the guys i flew with when i was in vietnam. >> reporter: tony was a 19-year- old helicopter gunner who survived two tours in vietnam. >> we never thought about getting shot down or dying but at any time all four of us could die together. >> often during the night when you sleep there would be a big explosion. we would just get up and run. >> reporter: she was eight when she and her family escaped the fall of saigon then survived the boat exodus. >> there was like 72 of us on a very small little junket about 15 meters long. >> reporter: she and he
, the blue is low 60s! the green is the 60s--and with temperatures blanket and petaluma, inland, and the east bay shores temperatures already in the 80s and that will continue until 2:00 p.m. and even at 90's in a sunspot later in the afternoon. santa rosa, 90 degrees, 78 in san francisco, 90 degrees in concord. inland, will see the low 90s again, and low 80s for the bayshore. a marginal increase their and upper 80s low 90s for the south bay. kron 4 7 day around the bay and a warmer weather will continue which is through the weekend and it is going to be warm, dry, sunny, coalm with a triple digits, and seven is on the coast. >> now, your is stanley roberts with some of people behaving badly. >> this group of people walking confirms what i have been saying the last four years. people in the bay. do not think these signs of life to them like this sidewalk closed. this was shot down with demolition taking place on howard street. these signs are warning people to stay clear. workers, equipment blocking the sidewalk and most people to walk around. even as a city bus, approaches. at one point, the
in the petaluma river was being traced by a tugboat. the fire department says the oily smear was first reported near the petaluma marina near 8:00 this morning and the spill is estimated at under 600 gallons. cleanup will last another hour or so and resume in the morning. no wildlife is believed to be harmed. >>> searchers spent another day looking for a missing man who may be the fifth victim in an east bay killing spree. 20 searchers have been digging through an acre of garbage. it's a slow and tedious task but they have reason to believe it will eventually pay off. jodi is learning why the police are focusing on this landfill. >> reporter: police say there are three reasons they are searching the dump. the trash from a hercules business park where they found the car of one of the victims was taken to the to the landfill and that's close to one of the murder scenes and the suspect used to work at that very business park so investigators speculate he could have disposed of the body in one of the dumpsters. but we also learned today the landfill isn't the only place they're looking. >> it's ver
a part an old tug boat lloyd to ill spoil in pet lawm today. you can see a sheen of oil on the petaluma river where estimated several hundred gallons spilled. allen is there for us tonight with more on this. allen? >>reporter: well, kayaker out here at the marina were complaining about having to done the huge tar ball out there earlier today. but now most of that slick has broken up. where it all went nobody is quite sure. glob of oil floated out toward the bay at low tide around six this evening. the remnant of a large oil slick that stretched from shore to shore and moved through this slew around 8:00 o'clock this morning. >> a lot of boat traffic. there were some roars to avoid the area on the embankment where the oil seemed to be. >>reporter: department of fish and game says this old tugboat was being chopped up for scrap metal and leaked between 200 and 600 gallon of oil. owner of the tug knew it was leaking because he already had an oil boom around it. but the department of fish and game says this morning flood tide swept the oil out into the estuary creating a slick and a
. >>> in petaluma, crews are using booms and vacuums to contain and absorb 600 gallons of oil that leaked from a tugboat into the petaluma river. that leak has created a sheen two miles long. >> we will prepare to remove the tug from the water area tomorrow and get it out of where it's creating problems. >> the leak happened when a couple of guys tried to salvage that tug. those men will have to pay a private company for the clean- up. they also may face criminal charges. >>> how much would you pay to get to the airport faster? half a billion dollars? simon perez on a big public project coming under new scrutiny in this day of budget deficits. >> reporter: bart wants to build a monorail to get the riders from coliseum bart to oakland international airport. but is building that monorail system the best way to spend taxpayer money? one group says no that you could get here just as fast on a bus and it would be a whole lot cheaper. >>> reporter: this is the way it's done today, to get to oakland international airport bart riders must leave the station and lug their luggage onto air bart the dedic
to the livermore valley. patchy fog in to the fourth day in to petaluma also think this san rose m. morgenthau. we continued to see a list quickly. staying clear in the north bay and having tortured and o'clock hour will mixed out dissipating towards 11:00 a.m.. your temperature is right now still and the '50s in san francisco 55 for san rafael 56 in sawill warm up to 78 in sa rosa today napa fairfield concord into the low 80s also into low eighties through the low livermore valley. livermore 82 degrees, 70 around the bay. the 7 day around today shows a cooling trend of and then the reverse of what you expect. much warmer right after the official first day of fall. >> will again be the latest on this san bruno gas line explosion. pg & e is preparing to release a list of 100 high- risk natural gas line segments and san jose keith leaders have already been told two of those lines are in the north part of the city. pg&e also says milpitas also has two pipelines of concern. the california public utilities commission asked pg&e for the list, which could be released as thought early as monday. the san
. but the fog is moving up petaluma, heading towards sebastopol with a little breeze there with santa rosa. great information. thank you. sp weather if you want to send me some weather information. that's one sign of a cooling trend. fairfield was calm for two days in a row. very rare to see that. west-southwest 15 and sea breeze, sea breeze. west-southwest at sfo. they were calm. any time you see a southerly breeze in this pattern, that also spells cooler. that's a really cool pattern for santa cruz as well when you get that south wind up and that's what's happening. the fog is there. it's still shallow. high is saying i don't want to let you go yet, but it's going to lose out. 50s in the city. mid-50s, had a nice e-mail from kathy. she said am i dreaming or do i feel the sea breeze? yes, you did, kathy. yesterday, it kicked in late. that was 83. we'll go 68 on the high side. temperatures in santa rosa, 98. that was downtown right by montgomery village. today we'll go 88. the city 83 to 68. 92 in walnut. boy, that's hot. 78 in oakland. that's down 10. some of the low clouds starting to wo
caused an oil spill in the petaluma river. . >>> north bay fire crews say two men trying to scrap a boat caused an oil spill in the petaluma river. they say these men brought an old vessel to the petaluma marina to cut it up. well, they say, when the men sliced the boat open about 100 floods of oil spilled out. the men did not have a permit to do that work. >> there was still what appears to be bunker oil inside the boat, they cut through the hull, let the bunker oil out in the water and that's where we're getting our release from. it's unbelievable. >> fire crews say they have contained most of the oil. the two men who scrapped the boat now have to hire a private company at their own expense to clean it all up. they could also face criminal charges. >>> well no brakes from politics on this labor day and, today, the president came out swinging. his counterattacken the republicans and his latest plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy. >>> those sky high salaries in the town of bell, we now nowhere some of that money was coming from. >>> plus, they have something very common in deve
. temperatures on the cool side look at kenwood right now 42. petaluma 49. wood side on the me anyone else last and lost altos at 49. if it wasn't for the breeze i think it would be colder for some. would not be surprise first- degree a couple upper 30s show up. 49 tahoe. reason being clouds and a breeze. truck key is 39. our system will move out. exit stage right. and another system will move into the north. that will keep things in check for about another day or two. then high pressure says i'm going to visit california and spend the weekend there. that means warmer weather. few clouds, cool but sunny and breezy. windy coast and in the hills. temperatures 60s and 70s. that's it. 60s and low to mid-70s even. a cold tomorrow morning. then sunny fall tonight 8:09 p.m. and then little system friday to the north but then we ramp it up for warm to hot conditions by the weekend. pam and dave. >>> like the fall leaves. time now 6:09. good chance drivers are heading for work today in the bay area's largest city you'll probably run into some pretty bumpy roads. ktvu has the details about all of this. w
. because it is so hot some locations have cooling centers and one of them is petaluma. we want to give you the address. 320 north mcdowell boulevard a nice cooling center and small pets are allowed. that's good news. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast coming up and we'll see when the hot weather will be saying bye-bye and cooler temperatures will be moving in. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 5:31 now. a 6-year-old girl is being treated for gushed wounds after an attack on her home early this morning being treated for gunshot wounds. oakland police were called to the home on seminary avenue around 2:00 a.m. they arrived to find the girl wounded in the shoulder. she had been sleeping in her bed. it appears more than one person opened fire on the outside of the home. >> it's very alarming considering, you know, that this family was just inside asleep. again, it's definitely appears to be a targeted incident and extremely unfortunate that a 6- year-old child was hit while asleep. >> the girl's injuries are not considered life-threatening. according to the police, the attack is gang-
. north bay location, 97 san rafael, triple digits from santa rosa, petaluma, sonoma and 99 in napa. another hot one. tomorrow, temperatures will cool off for the entire bay area. we will continue to cool down thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday. if you're in petaluma, you're looking for ways to beat heat there is a cooling center located at 320 north mcdowell boulevard. it will be a nice air- conditioned room and you can bring small pets except reptiles. that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thank you. that's good clarification there. no reptiles. [ laughter ] >> that's what it says. >> all right. thanks, trace. >>> time now is 6:19. here's a look at some of our top stories. a 6-year-old girl is being treated for gunshot wounds on her home early this morning. police say more than one person opened fire on a house on seminary avenue. the girl was struck while sleeping in her bedroom. her injuries are not considered life-threatening. >>> the san bruno explosion is the focus on capitol hill today. california senators will testify at the hearing. they are pushing to
in sonoma and napa. nice temperatures. 83 petaluma. 70s in san rafael and kentfield. 70 in san francisco. 66 in sausalito. today we cool down and tomorrow a little more. saturday we'll cool down a little more. and sunday, that's it. we bottom out. temperatures in the lower 80s expected inland, upper 60s at the bay and near 60 at the coast. temperatures don't stay that cool for long. they will rebound monday through tuesday and wednesday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. >>> here's a look at some of the stories we're following for you this morning. film legend tony curtis died of cardiac arrest last night at his home near las vegas. his long list of film credits include some like it hot, spartacus and operation petticoat. he also starred in the tv series vegas. he was 85. >>> more information today in the controversy involving gubernatorial candidate meg whitman and her former maid. attorney gloria allred is expected to release evidence support allegation the woman knew her maid was an illegal immigrant. whitma
or to the east bay and you can see fog up through san rosa and petaluma by tomorrow morning. not planning a huge role in the forecast for tomorrow but as were heading toward the golden gate bridge to prepare for little bit of fog tomorrow morning. afternoon highs up to 81 degrees in santa rosa and finally the cool down this year will feel that along the peninsula and upper 60s and san francisco down into a redwood city and although we could break into the '80s. about 80 degrees in castro valley upper '70's through hayward in union city and in the san ramon valley temperatures should be back down in the mid '80s. it a big difference for the triple digits we seen over the past few days. temperatures in the south bay in the '80s as well. here's your 7 day around the bay which does highlight a cooling trend over the coming days it could get breezy and your friday evening but much cooler by the evening. by the end the week and will be the low 80's and linda low seventies around the bay and '60s for the coast. back to you. >> and national news one person is dead several injured after a bus plunged off
degrees in richmond. north bay locations today the lower 80s from petaluma to sonoma to napa. mid-70s in novato. 77 kentfield. 57 mill valley. 66 in sausalito. and san francisco forecasting 70 but i wouldn't be surprised if we probably topped off maybe somewhere in the upper 60s. that 70 was me being optimistic because i'm optimistic. [ laughter ] >> tomorrow temperatures cool down and into the weekend. that's when the roller coaster will bottom out. look at monday, tuesday, wednesday. that's when things will begin to warm up again. >> back to you. resources. it's a name known to many bay area families for finding to >>> coming up tonight at 5:00, town & country resources. it's a name known to many bay area families for finding top quality housekeepers and nannies, the same one meg whitman turned to for help. so we are asking who dropped the ball when it came to checking legal status of meg whitman's employee. so we'll have that at 5:00 tonight. but also, the latest allegations coming from gloria allred, the housekeeper's attorney still answering reporter questions down in los angeles
for places like santa rosa and upper '70's and petaluma and the mill valley in mid-70s along the peninsula much cooler in san francisco. upper 60s for san francisco could bump up to about 80 in places like redwood city and alto. the mature '70's 80's or along the east bay tree 71 degrees a big difference in berkeley tomorrow. almost guiltily compared to the tempers we have been seeing. even and the spots down into the '80s know or triple digits looks like we could see clear of the '90s and south bay temperatures expected to top out into the '80s jury your 7 day around the bay highlights: trend by the weekend should be in the low 80's by the inland spots low seventies by the bay and '60s for the coast. >> was to go live look at the was seeking u.s. envoy it's horrendous rate now in walnut creek. this is a 6824 split the headlights' are northbound and it slow in all directions there. san jose highway 1 01 the headlights' are still about as you can see traffic moving at a meeting clip in both directions north and southbound as well as the guadalupe overpass. if much more news ahead see to it.
the heat. there is a cooling station in petaluma at the community center on north mcdowell boulevard. the center provides air conditioning, ice water and there is an on-site shelter for small pets. >>> no doubt doubt today was one of the hottest days of the year. the question people want to know, when is it gonna cool off? >> it's a cooling trend. temperatures will cool off but it will be slow. i want to show you where the fog is. where the fog is sort of dictates how quickly or not quickly we will cool off. right now the winds are doing this -- they are blowingoff shore -- blowingoff shore. we have the fog at the ocean beaches in the morning and evening. but the fog during the day has kind of been drifting off the coast. look at the current temperatures, santa rosa, 100. napa, 96. it's a spare the air day today, it will be another spare the air day tomorrow. we will cool off, but it's a slow cooloff. i will tell you when. we'll see you in a minute. >>> temperatures down in los angeles, easily topped the triple digits, reaching the highest temperature there ever recorded. the nationa
for pet llama. -- petaluma. napa 90 and on the east bay, 86 for oakland. sunshine there and 88 for union city. and then it is going to get a little uncomfortable as you head out toward the east bay valleys with 94 for brentwood and 92 pittsburgh. 94 for livermore. santa cruz is 85. caramel is 70 degrees and 94 for hollister. a hot one tomorrow, and then things reverse and the winds shift back onshore. we will go with some mist and drizzle by wednesday morning. much cooler temperatures. only in the 1e69s in the -- 70s in the east bay. a huge drop in temperatures after tomorrow. >> thanks, leigh. >>> a new record at the burning man festival. that's next. and a giant victory for the dodgers coupled with a san diego loss. san francisco is a game back [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney labor day mattress sale! all gold premium mattresses 50-60% off after $200 instant rebate. plus, get an additional $100 off beautyrest gold mattresses and $200 off beautyrest world class gold mattresses from simmons... featuring super pocketed coil springs to prevent motion disturbance and conform to your s
regulate. >>> we have new information tonight about an oil spill in the petaluma river. the state department of fish and game now says an old tug boat leaked oil and fuel into the water. the spill created a sheen that stretches for about 2 miles. a clean up effort is now under way. officials say as much as 600- gallons of oil have spilled. an observant boom has been placed on both side of the sheen. it does not appear wildlife has been affected. we will have a live update on the spill on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> journalists are now allowed to bring cameras back into the state assembly. but there was not much to see today, even though the state budget is 68 days late. lawmakers have hit the road. last week assembly guards started enforcing a rule banning reporters from filming on the assembly floor. the assembly speaker reversed the vote after complaints. >>> a new study finds california and the nation remains stuck between a recession and a recovery. the report by the california budget project says the economic downturn has been especially hard on 16 to 24- year-olds an
of emergency. neither was give enemy this case. crews return to the petaluma river to resume cleaning up an oil spill. the department of fish and game says an old tugboat was being chopped up for scrap metal when it leaked an estimated 200 to 600 gallons of oil. no sickened wildlife has turned up and most of the slick has broken up and washed away. environmentalists say they'll continue to monitor the situation. >> the future of three richmond schools will be decided tonight. closing kennedy high and two other elementary schools in richmond would save the west contra costa school district $1.5 million. the district faces funding problems because of state budget crises. the closer would affect about 900 students and thousands of others from nearby schools. >> if the city of richmond does not approve $1.5 million tomorrow night, then the board will take immediate action to close the school and send kids off to other schools like richmond high or el cerrito high. >> one council member points to a potential source of money to help keep the schools open. richmond recently received a settlement from
far no wildlife has been affected by an oil spill in the petaluma river. crews worked overnight to remove the remaining oil from anology tug boat that leaked over 600 gallons yesterday. officials say the sheen which stretched for about 2 miles mostly evaporated. the crews will remain on the scene until the area is restored. >>> word is starting to surface tonight about possible negligence, we'll have more on that tonight on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> police have released a sketch of a man they believe is a firebug. he's described as a slender latino male, 19 or 20 years old. the fire's first started in may, they involved outside debris, dumpsters and vehicles. in one case, a man sleeping in a car had to be rescued by fire crews. >>> at this hour, firefighters are working to contain a 700- acre wildfire burning in humble county. it has already consumed one home. the fire which started yesterday is burning on buckeye mountain just east of petrolia. right now officials say it's only 5% contained. no injuries have been reported, the cause is under investigation. now early t
banned fishing along a two and a half mile stretch of the petaluma river. the department of fish and game says a tug boat being chopped up for scrap metal but leaked 200 to 600 gallons of oil no. sickened wildlife turned up. and crews are still working on draining the tug of the remaining oil. >> a lot more to bring you here, coming up at 5:00 a warning from top commander in afghanistan to the florida pastor whose owe protest of the september 11th attacks could endanger u.s. troops. >> i'm spencer christian in the accu-weather forecast center. clouds, fog, drizzle and a fall-like chill are elements of the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and the abcs of keeping kids from a life of time in the important roles preschool >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> millennium tower is responding to criticism about how it handle aid climbing stunt by so called skyscraper man yesterday nchl a statement saying does it not concone dan goodwin's action asks says it's security spotted goodwin almost immediately and san francisco police and fire responded within moments and too
in pittsburg. north bay locations, 82 in petaluma, 80 degrees in sonoma san francisco high temperatures in the upper 60s. seven-day forecast: monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, all looking good. so lots of sunshine expected. seasonal highs. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. >>> a bay area blood center is asking you to help the victims injured by this explosion and horrific fire in san bruno. blood centers of the pacific has issued an emergency appeal for blood donations. to donate starting today call this number on the screen: 1-888-393-give. the most urgent need is for "o" negative blood. it can be given to anyone. >>> apetco in san bruno is offering shelter for pets. it's located in the tanforan mall. call them: we want to let you know this store is also working with the red cross to transport animals from fire sites to petco. >> also, a local hotel is opened up its rooms for free for victims of the fire. the alpine inn and suites in daly city offering free rooms to people who need a place to stay. to reach the hotel, call 415- 334-6969. >> 53 homes
and robbery. police say the couple took $17 during the robbery. >>> petaluma woman was passed out from tequila while her toddler got out of the house. they found the barefoot girl a mile from home. they have uncovered information not included in the initial police report about the mother, 23-year-old that led them to drop the charges against her. >> it appears that an armed robbery in vallejo this month may have been an inside job. two male employees of the park are under arrest. they found a lot of cash in their homes linking them to the robbery. >> the sound of disaster. >>> radio calls of san bruno's first responders had a water shortage and faulty information. >> plus, the family of an imprisoned u.c. berkeley graduate what they are saying you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you
. petaluma at 80. sonoma at 80. 81 napa with sunshine. upper 70s in kentfield. the closer to the bay area, the more clouds expected. so temperatures have cooled down. lower 60s in sausalito and the lower 60s in san francisco which is almost a 20-degree difference from well inland to again just off the bay. seven-day forecast, here we go. today, mix of sun and clouds. more of the same thursday and friday. but take a look at the weekend. it's the last weekend of summer. and i know what you're thinking. there was no summer! well, i can't debate that. but let's just talk about the fact that the weekend, cloudy, cool and even a chance of showers. so whenever i say to people, it's the last weekend of summer, they say what are you talking about? there was no summer. >> where'd it go? >> i agree. >> tomorrow's present day because i'm going to bring you a little box and you're going to wear high heels. >> yeah, i will. >> thank you, tracy. >>> twitter is getting a makeover. the new site rolling out today promising to be faster and more user-friendly. kcbs radio's matt bigler shows us how it's goin
, menlo park, and petaluma. >> alan: mass
degrees in napa. 80 degrees in sonoma. and 79 in petaluma. 75 in san rafael. and 77 in kentville. and 59 sausalito. 71 in san francisco. the seven-day forecast, for today, pretty nice. tuesday and wednesday, we're cooling down. what? yes, we're cooling down. thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, we're warming up and look at what happens over the course of the weekend. 90-degree temperatures are expected for the first weekend of fall. so allen, are you feeling pretty lucky? >> very lucky. >> we have the 49ers taking on the saints tonight. >> and concerning the last showing, they will need a little luck. 55 degrees and clear skies. if you go out to the game, it will be really nice weather. that's a look at your weather. that's on the cw as well. >> and you know what? next you will tell me beverly hills 90210 is because of a zip code. i'm not buying that either. [ laughter ] >> all right. how have you been? >> cute. >> she is in the united states. he is in afghanistan. but the miracle of technology kept them from missing the miracle of birth. that's coming up next. coming up tonight at fi
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